Covetous Brain

Do you have totally awesome friends who are really good at blogging?

I do!!! And they’re my Jevers Andrew and Yen.

Well yah as what I’ve said they’re awesome and they’re pressuring me to make my own blog site (kidding! I pressured myself. -_- hahaha) Well okay let me welcome you in my blog site by telling you a little something about myself.

I’m a 21 year old girl living in Cagayan de Oro City ever since birth. Even though I studied in Dumaguete City during my college years , I have always known deep down in my heart that I’ll be coming back to my birthplace. So now that I have graduated, true to what I’ve sworn to myself I went back here in CDO (and i’m never ever leaving, ever again!). And since i’m already a graduate bum, I have lots and lots of “free” time (my code for boring times) so I decided to devote most of these times into blog making (yaaayyy!!!). I was actually hesitant to start a blog at first because  I’m really not good in writing English, but my friend mention above comforted me and said that they’re not good either and people won’t actually notice it (but now you actually know about my weakness). Also I’m very hesitant for a fact that I don’t know what topic I should be focusing. Oh well, I know it will just come along as I continue this blog thingy.

PS. I was envying my friends enjoying their time checking out the stats in their blog sites, thus the title “Covetous Brain”. Although I don’t really mean it that way, because yaaahhhhh covetousness is a sin. hahahhaImage


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