Tindog Tacloban

Last November 9, 2013, Philippines specifically Central Visayas was hit by a Super Typhoon named Yolanda (Haian). And it literally flattened the areas where the typhoon had landfalls. Seeing the devastation in TV really breaks my heart.

Just last November 29, 2013, our church decided to have a medical mission there in Tacloban, Leyte and I was chosen to be part of the team to serve our fellowmen who were victims of the said typhoon. I saw with my own two eyes the devastated place. Here are some photos we took of the place.


This is the Robinsons Place Tacloban after almost a month from the Yolanda incident.


This photo shows a car that had been taken away by the strong winds during the typhoon, and had not been back in place ever since it happened


This building was a newly built building (daw) and unfortunately was greatly hit by the Yolanda typhoon and so it looks like this now.

Here are also some of the photos of the team in action during our 2-daymedical mission.



Β Image

Here’s the picture of the whole team who went to Tacloban.


After all we’ve said and done in that place. There is one thing we have learned from the people there.


Despite of everything, SMILE, because there’s always hope.


As long as the sun still rises, there is still hope.

And as long as we keep our faith in our creator, Lord Jesus Christ rest assured there is still hope.

All of us may not be able to help them physically like we did or financially like other people did, but surely we can help them by including them in our prayers. Let’s extend to them the love that we felt from our Father Jesus Christ by simply and sincerely including them in our prayers.

Let’s continue to pray for our fellow countrymen in those areas who were affected with the calamities. Not only the Yolanda incident but the earthquake and war outbreak incidents as well.

Β God bless! πŸ™‚


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