Self-Meister : Unveiled

I know I have enoughLY (yet just briefly) introduced myself on my first blog post, but my blogger/model friend here Andrew prompted me to rewrite/remake/follow-up my self-introductory post. According to him it doesn’t say much of who I am and most of all, no part of that blog post explains why I named my blog site “Self-Meister”


So, before I explain the Self-Meister thingy, I would like to introduce myself again (blame Andrew, so sorry imaginary readers for this blog post interruption). I’m Christine Paula Quiapo Putis, a pretty common name for a very unique person (yes, I consider myself unique, besides nobody else has the same thumb mark as mine, unless you have those cool gadget of the spies). I have lots of aliases (mehehehhe! yes! I consider them my alias/covers — feeling spy!). Way back in college friends call me Tin-tin and some Chris (as per how/what I introduced my nickname was just because I think it sounds cool). But my close friends (in college) prefer to call me Tin-tin because they think Chris is too formal for my crazy persona (yep! I get that a lot — wrong impressions! tsk. tsk. tsk. hahaha). But in my home town, CdeO, I’m popularly (yes! popularly! no side comments please! heheh) known as Kring-kring (my since-birth-nickname) or Paula (grade school/ elementary and high school friends came up with this). Moving ong, my personal hobbies are reading novels (slow reader though), my fave’s action-filled stories; watching movies and koreanovelas, RomCom is my topmost priority (I know, I can be this cheesy); and most of all, my favoritEST…STALKING!!!! — myself!!! (you read that right! I’m one self-conceited and self-infatuated person) I am in love with myself, (forgive me Lord for this vanity! huhuhu) but on one ironic hand I am also one greatly INSECURE and self-discriminator type of person. Arriving to such topic, I bet you now have an idea why the name “Self-Meister”, to help you further organize your thoughts, let me elaborate my explanation with the following…

SELF (self) noun : a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others

-MEISTER comb : denoting a person regarded as skilled or prominent in a specified area of activity. Origin German meaning “master”

(thanks to my friend Webster for providing such efficient definitions)

I believe, as what above definition say, that I am skilled/prominent to nothing but knowing oneself/my own self and that not of others. Although I know for myself (also) that there are stuffs that I still don’t know about myself, I’m on the process of knowing it! And the stuffs that I will be posting in my blog (but not all) will mainly be subjected about myself or if not will (still) be related to me. I don’t specifically have any topic in mind that I wish to focus. But hopefully I can (be able to) tackle about fashion (since I’m to gullible especially when there’s ever women’s temptation — SALE!!), travel/places (I’m a sucker for adventures!) and lifestyle (I really love to discover new stuffs ‘ya know? Like food to eat? hahaha)

I know I’m being too much of a narcissist (for you). But believe me, I’m not, for I’m not having those grandiose delusions (yet! haha) that narcissists usually have.


By the way, I’m kind of an old fashion writer. I like to write things on paper first before I transfer it on a blog. (haha! classic! I know!)

P.S. On this note, I would like to inform you that I started a blog not because I wanted to be famous or what, I just wanted to divert my attention in to writing good and positive stuffs about me rather than sulking and thinking about the my negative qualities? hahah

See you on my next posts hope this won’t discourage you from reading and sharing your thoughts on my future blogs! ciao! 🙂


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