Top 5 Most Agonizing Moments of my Life

We all went through life, right? Well, I’ll take all of your answers as yes. Of course! We are all living, aren’t we? So, we all went through those “agonizing” and “excruciating” moments in our lives. Well, I’ve listed mine and ended up with the Top 5 on my list. Here it goes:

1. That period of waiting before the rain comes.

I lived in the Philippines, it’s a tropical country so we only have two seasons: Sunny and Rainy Seasons. During rainy seasons there will always be those days (yes days, the rain does stop during rainy seasons too!) wherein the sky would gather water from the ground before it pours everything heavily. Mind you, those days are extremely agonizing! Why you say? Not only that it would feel so hot, the humidity level would be high too! Wind you say? It would be absent ’till the rain day comes. So if the rain wouldn’t be there, you suffer! You wouldn’t understand the needs of your body! You shower with cold water but after a while upon going out of the bath, your sweat starts dripping again which entitles you to feel sticky all day long and makes you want to stay in the shower until the rain comes. Remembering it makes me say, “Ugh! that moment!”

2. “Cramming”

Yup! You read that right! That moment…Whether it’d be paperworks, reports or exams for tomorrow as long as it wasn’t done days before the deadline, you’d really feel that frustration and not to mention confusion as to what to do first. Yes you still have couple of hours to do those stuff you need to do, but, we all must admit our bodies also have needs such as food, hygiene and rest. All in all, the long hours you have in mind to do your requirement will break down to 1-5hours (that’s stretched though). Yes that agonizing moment will come to pass, but guess what, you could’ve done a better job out there if you had only managed yourself properly. One tip? Crash cramming out of your system! It’s one bad habit WE (yes WE, including me) all must omit.

3. That moment when ideas explode in your head and when you start writing nothing comes out of your hand

I bet this is one self-explanatory number. We all had that moment, and this is one of those moments. That is why I immediately blogged these thoughts, so that I may not forget. (haha! brilliant me!)

4. That accidental nap you took before actually going to bed

And now the monsters inside your head are already fully awake and you are completely wired. For what? Nothing! Because that is suppose to be the time you rest, but then you took a nap! You shouldn’t have! That moment when counting sheep to sleep won’t work is pretty agonizing. That’s basically me, right now! That’s why I said monsters, because they contribute ideas at the very unusual time of the day. (Time check: 1:09 AM) And yep it was pretty accidental, the nap. Ugh!

5. Class with a boring subject, boring teacher, and boring time of the day

This isn’t actually part of my top 5 but yeah #3 happened. I totally forgot what should be in this number. (haha) I am particularly not fond of Philippine History (poor memorization skills, sorry!) So when I enrolled in this class as a requisite minor subject for the course I’m in, I didn’t specifically choose on whose class and what time I’d be in as long as I’d be done with it after one summer. Too late to realize, that I should have been diligent in choosing that one minor subject. I was in the class of this particular teacher whose voice seemed like that of a robot, monotonous and lifeless, I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Plus I had at that “siesta” time of the day. Ugh! What more could I ask during that fun-filled (insert sarcasm) summer class. (haha)

How about you? Do you have any of those agonizing moments in you life too? Share your thoughts by commenting down below. πŸ™‚


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