Singles Love Day

To whoever said that singles could or should not celebrate during Valentine’s day and should just curl up in bed and eat fattening foods should totally wake up from that sad Valentine’s Day myth.

So me and my awesome friend Yen (who are both currently and happily single) decided to prep up on the very said day. We thought, why be sloppy and sad on Valentine’s Day? This pretty lady pretty much encourages me whenever I feel so insecure with my looks. She uplifts me by pointing me back to my one true Lover, Jesus Christ. Indeed an amazing friend provided by my amazing Father. I am truly blessed to have know her and my other friends in Church. 🙂

I know I’m a bit late in posting this, but so what? hahaha. So here are some of the photos taken by our PhotoG friend Marco Villanueva(an amazing photoG, kudos to the very nice shots you got Marco!)



Did I tell you how much I love stolen photos? It captures the real you. 🙂


And by the way, if you haven’t been informed me, Yen and Andrew got this signature smile, we call it “The Celebrity Smile” (hahah)

Here’s one photo of Yen during the shoot (my personal fave <3). You can check more of her photos on her blog site. Click “here”


And here are some of the photos Marco took of me. Sorry for the lousy poses, I’m not a professional model -_-” (haha)



 I decided to put a little bit of contrast to my girly floral outfit by using a Military Boots for my footwear instead of a flats or sandals.


What I’m wearing: Black Floral Spaghetti Strap Dress (Cotton On), Black Knitted Cardigan (Cotton On), Black Military Type Boots (H&M), Flower Earings (Forever 21)

Click “Here” to hype this look in lookbook.


Sorry for this disturbing blooper photos. Remember what I told earlier in this blog on how I love stolen photos? hahaha. Sorry Yen! Love you! 🙂

Before I end this post, let me leave one good advice I live by: “Surround yourself with people who will lift you up rather than the people who will pull you down” 🙂

Thanks for dropping by! xoxo



Self-Meister : Unveiled

I know I have enoughLY (yet just briefly) introduced myself on my first blog post, but my blogger/model friend here Andrew prompted me to rewrite/remake/follow-up my self-introductory post. According to him it doesn’t say much of who I am and most of all, no part of that blog post explains why I named my blog site “Self-Meister”


So, before I explain the Self-Meister thingy, I would like to introduce myself again (blame Andrew, so sorry imaginary readers for this blog post interruption). I’m Christine Paula Quiapo Putis, a pretty common name for a very unique person (yes, I consider myself unique, besides nobody else has the same thumb mark as mine, unless you have those cool gadget of the spies). I have lots of aliases (mehehehhe! yes! I consider them my alias/covers — feeling spy!). Way back in college friends call me Tin-tin and some Chris (as per how/what I introduced my nickname was just because I think it sounds cool). But my close friends (in college) prefer to call me Tin-tin because they think Chris is too formal for my crazy persona (yep! I get that a lot — wrong impressions! tsk. tsk. tsk. hahaha). But in my home town, CdeO, I’m popularly (yes! popularly! no side comments please! heheh) known as Kring-kring (my since-birth-nickname) or Paula (grade school/ elementary and high school friends came up with this). Moving ong, my personal hobbies are reading novels (slow reader though), my fave’s action-filled stories; watching movies and koreanovelas, RomCom is my topmost priority (I know, I can be this cheesy); and most of all, my favoritEST…STALKING!!!! — myself!!! (you read that right! I’m one self-conceited and self-infatuated person) I am in love with myself, (forgive me Lord for this vanity! huhuhu) but on one ironic hand I am also one greatly INSECURE and self-discriminator type of person. Arriving to such topic, I bet you now have an idea why the name “Self-Meister”, to help you further organize your thoughts, let me elaborate my explanation with the following…

SELF (self) noun : a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others

-MEISTER comb : denoting a person regarded as skilled or prominent in a specified area of activity. Origin German meaning “master”

(thanks to my friend Webster for providing such efficient definitions)

I believe, as what above definition say, that I am skilled/prominent to nothing but knowing oneself/my own self and that not of others. Although I know for myself (also) that there are stuffs that I still don’t know about myself, I’m on the process of knowing it! And the stuffs that I will be posting in my blog (but not all) will mainly be subjected about myself or if not will (still) be related to me. I don’t specifically have any topic in mind that I wish to focus. But hopefully I can (be able to) tackle about fashion (since I’m to gullible especially when there’s ever women’s temptation — SALE!!), travel/places (I’m a sucker for adventures!) and lifestyle (I really love to discover new stuffs ‘ya know? Like food to eat? hahaha)

I know I’m being too much of a narcissist (for you). But believe me, I’m not, for I’m not having those grandiose delusions (yet! haha) that narcissists usually have.


By the way, I’m kind of an old fashion writer. I like to write things on paper first before I transfer it on a blog. (haha! classic! I know!)

P.S. On this note, I would like to inform you that I started a blog not because I wanted to be famous or what, I just wanted to divert my attention in to writing good and positive stuffs about me rather than sulking and thinking about the my negative qualities? hahah

See you on my next posts hope this won’t discourage you from reading and sharing your thoughts on my future blogs! ciao! 🙂

Beach Please!!

I’m a BEACH-Lover. Yup! a beach lover, I remember when I was still a kid during summer breaks my mother’s family would always have a reunion and it’s usually held in a beach side for like 3 days and I remember myself going and drowning myself with the beach for the whole day and just stop when I’m hungry. And there’s also one thing that I remember not liking when going to the beach — Sun burnt skin or worse case scenario Violet (overcooked) skin (or so my nanay calls it. hahaha. yagit moments!).

Anyway, since I’m a beach lovah, I thought about featuring one of the best beaches I’ve been to. the Salagdoong Beach, which is found in the Mystique Island, Siquijor. Siquijor is a small island surrounded by white sand. You read that right again, white sand all over the place. From the moment you arrive in their docking area (slash) mini port area you can already have a sample view of their beautiful and breath taking white sand beaches. There are of course many options of Beach resorts to choose from in Siquijor, but I specifically chose Salagdoong Beach because it’s where I’ve been to and it’s by far the most popular beach resort in the island. The resort is popular mainly but not only because of its beautiful place but also of its very affordable entrance fee of 15Php. Surprised again? (brace yourself because this isn’t the end of my many more surprises) Yes, with only 15Php you get to feel a very awesome white sand experience. Cottage rental is not inclusive of the 15 pesos entrance fee though, but good news is cottage rental ranges from 150-800Php depending on the cottage type. Still affordable right? But wait! There’s more!! The resort doesn’t only offer the privilege in using the beach but they also have different amenities such as Kayaking which costs 50Php for 10 minutes, Cliff diving for free, and very long slide for free also! So I would now give the luxury of sharing the photos I and my friends took during our small trip there! (Sorry for the amateur photo and amateur model-wannabe-but-just-vain friends of mine, please bear with us the views are nice and worth it anyway. nyahahah)


 This is me with my friends with Siquijor’s (mini) port as our background, as you can see port pa lang white sand na!


 Still in their docking area, mesmerizing myself with the white sand and fresh air. (chos!)


 This is now the top view of the right side of Salagdoong beach (the rocky part of the resort).


 This is the sandy part of the resort found on the left side of the resort.


This is the breath-taking view from the starting point of the slide area. You can see the clear blue waters of the beach and the tip of the long slide.


 The concrete thing where my friend Raiza stands is the exact place where you can jump and try their very own version of cliff diving. Which I didn’t try though (I have a phobia of high places, I might faint looking down -_-), I know I’m such a loser but I promised myself to try it the next time I’ll be back on that place ^_^

So I guess I have already shared everything I know in the place so called Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor. I guess they really have to pay me for endorsing their resort ya know? hahaha. But for the love of beach, this will be a pro bono! -_- I hope this post helped you a bit with picturing a nice summer getaway/ vacation getaway.

Just so you know, Siquijor isn’t really that creepy. Some guys just make up stories just to prevent people from going their (ugh! crab mentality). But I tell you that place is really awesome! The photos are unfiltered and we only used a point and shoot cam, sorry for the low quality! 🙂

Photo (c) Slarmie A. Ygay‘s camera and ME! (hahaha)

Tindog Tacloban

Last November 9, 2013, Philippines specifically Central Visayas was hit by a Super Typhoon named Yolanda (Haian). And it literally flattened the areas where the typhoon had landfalls. Seeing the devastation in TV really breaks my heart.

Just last November 29, 2013, our church decided to have a medical mission there in Tacloban, Leyte and I was chosen to be part of the team to serve our fellowmen who were victims of the said typhoon. I saw with my own two eyes the devastated place. Here are some photos we took of the place.


This is the Robinsons Place Tacloban after almost a month from the Yolanda incident.


This photo shows a car that had been taken away by the strong winds during the typhoon, and had not been back in place ever since it happened


This building was a newly built building (daw) and unfortunately was greatly hit by the Yolanda typhoon and so it looks like this now.

Here are also some of the photos of the team in action during our 2-daymedical mission.




Here’s the picture of the whole team who went to Tacloban.


After all we’ve said and done in that place. There is one thing we have learned from the people there.


Despite of everything, SMILE, because there’s always hope.


As long as the sun still rises, there is still hope.

And as long as we keep our faith in our creator, Lord Jesus Christ rest assured there is still hope.

All of us may not be able to help them physically like we did or financially like other people did, but surely we can help them by including them in our prayers. Let’s extend to them the love that we felt from our Father Jesus Christ by simply and sincerely including them in our prayers.

Let’s continue to pray for our fellow countrymen in those areas who were affected with the calamities. Not only the Yolanda incident but the earthquake and war outbreak incidents as well.

 God bless! 🙂

Covetous Brain

Do you have totally awesome friends who are really good at blogging?

I do!!! And they’re my Jevers Andrew and Yen.

Well yah as what I’ve said they’re awesome and they’re pressuring me to make my own blog site (kidding! I pressured myself. -_- hahaha) Well okay let me welcome you in my blog site by telling you a little something about myself.

I’m a 21 year old girl living in Cagayan de Oro City ever since birth. Even though I studied in Dumaguete City during my college years , I have always known deep down in my heart that I’ll be coming back to my birthplace. So now that I have graduated, true to what I’ve sworn to myself I went back here in CDO (and i’m never ever leaving, ever again!). And since i’m already a graduate bum, I have lots and lots of “free” time (my code for boring times) so I decided to devote most of these times into blog making (yaaayyy!!!). I was actually hesitant to start a blog at first because  I’m really not good in writing English, but my friend mention above comforted me and said that they’re not good either and people won’t actually notice it (but now you actually know about my weakness). Also I’m very hesitant for a fact that I don’t know what topic I should be focusing. Oh well, I know it will just come along as I continue this blog thingy.

PS. I was envying my friends enjoying their time checking out the stats in their blog sites, thus the title “Covetous Brain”. Although I don’t really mean it that way, because yaaahhhhh covetousness is a sin. hahahhaImage