Time Travel Tuesday

Since my summer getaway will still be this Saturday, let me share to you one summer escaped I had last year with my high school batchmates in Midway Resort, Initao.

It’s a man-made White sand resort. But still worth-it with the clear blue green waters and nice sunset/sunrise view. Many local photographers do photoshoots in this place because it’s the nearest White Sand Resort in Cagayan de Oro and it doesn’t look any cheaper than those from far away areas like Camiguin. Entrance way back 2013 is 25php, I don’t know if it still has the same price today. They also have different activities to offer like coral reef watching for 30mins, Banana boat ride for 10pax, Zipline and more!

Well, here are some of the photos taken in Midway. Due to the very beautiful sunset we took much photos of ourselves rather than that of the activities we did. 😀












 Photo Credits to Jolo Ortiz

If you’re a resident of Cagayan de Oro City, I suggest you visit this place as well. It’s just a 45min-ride from the city and you’ll already get to feel fresh air, white sand and clear salty waters. 🙂


Beach Please!!

I’m a BEACH-Lover. Yup! a beach lover, I remember when I was still a kid during summer breaks my mother’s family would always have a reunion and it’s usually held in a beach side for like 3 days and I remember myself going and drowning myself with the beach for the whole day and just stop when I’m hungry. And there’s also one thing that I remember not liking when going to the beach — Sun burnt skin or worse case scenario Violet (overcooked) skin (or so my nanay calls it. hahaha. yagit moments!).

Anyway, since I’m a beach lovah, I thought about featuring one of the best beaches I’ve been to. the Salagdoong Beach, which is found in the Mystique Island, Siquijor. Siquijor is a small island surrounded by white sand. You read that right again, white sand all over the place. From the moment you arrive in their docking area (slash) mini port area you can already have a sample view of their beautiful and breath taking white sand beaches. There are of course many options of Beach resorts to choose from in Siquijor, but I specifically chose Salagdoong Beach because it’s where I’ve been to and it’s by far the most popular beach resort in the island. The resort is popular mainly but not only because of its beautiful place but also of its very affordable entrance fee of 15Php. Surprised again? (brace yourself because this isn’t the end of my many more surprises) Yes, with only 15Php you get to feel a very awesome white sand experience. Cottage rental is not inclusive of the 15 pesos entrance fee though, but good news is cottage rental ranges from 150-800Php depending on the cottage type. Still affordable right? But wait! There’s more!! The resort doesn’t only offer the privilege in using the beach but they also have different amenities such as Kayaking which costs 50Php for 10 minutes, Cliff diving for free, and very long slide for free also! So I would now give the luxury of sharing the photos I and my friends took during our small trip there! (Sorry for the amateur photo and amateur model-wannabe-but-just-vain friends of mine, please bear with us the views are nice and worth it anyway. nyahahah)


 This is me with my friends with Siquijor’s (mini) port as our background, as you can see port pa lang white sand na!


 Still in their docking area, mesmerizing myself with the white sand and fresh air. (chos!)


 This is now the top view of the right side of Salagdoong beach (the rocky part of the resort).


 This is the sandy part of the resort found on the left side of the resort.


This is the breath-taking view from the starting point of the slide area. You can see the clear blue waters of the beach and the tip of the long slide.


 The concrete thing where my friend Raiza stands is the exact place where you can jump and try their very own version of cliff diving. Which I didn’t try though (I have a phobia of high places, I might faint looking down -_-), I know I’m such a loser but I promised myself to try it the next time I’ll be back on that place ^_^

So I guess I have already shared everything I know in the place so called Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor. I guess they really have to pay me for endorsing their resort ya know? hahaha. But for the love of beach, this will be a pro bono! -_- I hope this post helped you a bit with picturing a nice summer getaway/ vacation getaway.

Just so you know, Siquijor isn’t really that creepy. Some guys just make up stories just to prevent people from going their (ugh! crab mentality). But I tell you that place is really awesome! The photos are unfiltered and we only used a point and shoot cam, sorry for the low quality! 🙂

Photo (c) Slarmie A. Ygay‘s camera and ME! (hahaha)